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And the actor doesn’t even have to train every day.

Channing Tatum is a famous American actor, model and producer. Particularly popular are his roles in the films “Step Up”, ” The Vow “, ” 21 Jump Street ” and “The Hateful Eight”. In each picture, you can see that the man is in excellent athletic form. Of course, Channing could not always boast of muscles, but sports have been present in his life since childhood. What helps a Hollywood star at 40 to be an example for young people? Let’s figure out the nutritional regimen and workouts of Tatum.

Meals without counting calories, but on schedule

Despite his sculpted body, Channing is not one of those who calculate calories daily. On the contrary, according to the actor, sometimes he can pamper himself with junk food. But the man still has a food schedule, and he tries to adhere to it.

BreakfastSix eggs and vegetable smoothie  
LunchChicken, vegetables and vegetable smoothie  
EveningGrilled chicken and vegetables  

Perhaps Tatum can diversify a bored meal plan with other dishes, but the emphasis on protein and fiber in the diet is quite obvious.

Exercises that Tatum prefers during training

Each Channing workout begins with a short warm-up to warm up the muscles and prepare them for further stress. First, the actor does an easy five-minute run on the treadmill, and then performs seemingly mundane, but very useful exercises.

  • Jump rope – 100 jumps;
  • push-ups – 25 reps
  • Burpee – 25 reps
  • Bodyweight squats – 20 reps
  • lunges – 25 reps on each leg;
  • kettlebell swings – 30 reps;
  • twisting – 50 reps;
  • box jumping – 25 reps;
  • twisting – 50 reps.

It is important to note that Channing spreads the above exercises over the whole week. That is, you do not need to suffer and do everything in one workout: it will take a lot of your strength and will not bring you closer to progress.

Be sure to take into account the fact that any person needs a rest from the load. The actor works out for three days in a row, and on the fourth day he arranges a day off. It is necessary for the muscles to have time to recover.

Efficiency – in intensity

The effectiveness of Tatum’s workouts lies in their intensity. Hard work is required to achieve results. Of all the exercises described, Channing does four every day, but does sets and reps as fast as he can. In the pre-production period, the class schedule becomes much more rigid.

The actor’s trainer said that it is important to switch between exercises and change combinations. And of course, to resort not only to the activity that you get and is given to you easily. The irony of the instructor is that exercises that you truly hate usually work best.

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