Matthew McConaughey and his mother

The actor continues to promote his autobiography Greenlights.

Matthew McConaughey and his mother

Last month, 51-year-old Matthew McConaughey presented the Greenlights memoir. In the book, the actor shared shocking details about his life: he talked about the violence he experienced at the age of 15, the difficult relationship between his father and mother and how, as an adult, he brought all communication with his mother for eight years to no. It was these topics that Matthew and his 88-year-old mother Kay discussed the other day on the Red Table Talk, where they were invited by the hosts Jada Pinket-Smith, her daughter Willow and mother Adrienne Banfield-Norris.

Matthew McConaughey and his mother

To begin with, Kay McConaughey assured everyone that now complete understanding reigns in her family and she spends quarantine in her son’s house in Texas: she gets along well with her daughter-in-law Camilla Alves and Levi’s grandchildren, Livingston and Vida. To this, Matthew noticed that there was a time when he could not communicate with his mother from the word at all.

When in 1996, after the release of the movie “Time to Kill”, I became famous, everything changed: I called home on Sundays, but it was not my mother who answered the phone, but my fan. At that time, I was trying to find a balance between fame and my life in general and shared a lot with my mother. And she leaked information to journalists.

Matthew McConaughey and his mother
Jada Pinkett Smith and Matthew McConaughey with their mother
Matthew McConaughey and his mother
Willow Smith and Matthew McConaughey with their mother

McConaughey’s patience snapped when Kay invited a film crew from one of the shows to their house.

Mom gave them an excursion: “This is the son’s room, once I caught him here with a girl in bed,” she told reporters. “Here is the bathroom: once I found my son doing what you know …” “Damn it, mom!” – all that I could then say – the actor recalled.

Matthew demanded an explanation from his mother, and Kay replied that she hoped her son would not see the show. After that, McConaughey did not speak to his mother for eight years.

Matthew McConaughey and his mother
Matthew and Kay McConaughey

“In fact, I was happier for my son’s success than he was,” Kaye replied to his story. Relations resumed only in 2004:

I felt that nothing would hurt me, – said the actor. – But since then mom has been doing great!

In an interview with Red Table Talk, Kaye McConaughey was so frank that she shared the juicy details of the death of her husband James.

His heart stopped when we made love. He leaned back on the pillow, and I said to him: “What is it, big boy? Are you really tired?” Silence, then I realized that something had happened and ran to the neighbors for help.

Matthew McConaughey and his mother
Kaye, Matthew McConaughey and Camilla Alves

In his memoirs, McConaughey wrote that his father had repeatedly told him and his other two sons, Michael and Patrick, that he dreamed of just such a death. The book also mentions that the relationship between Kay and James was not stable: often it came to assault, the spouses divorced twice and married three times. That is why Matthew does not allow himself to raise his voice to his wife: “But I still took the values ​​that my parents instilled in me: there is no place for lies in my house and you cannot say “I can’t” and “I hate”, concluded McConaughey.


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