Emilia Clarke

(1986 – …) British actress

The famous actress Emilia Clarke (born October 26, 1986) became famous for her roles as Khaleesi in the TV series “Game of Thrones” and Sarah Connor in the movie “Terminator Genisys”.

Childhood and adolescence of the actress.

Soon after the birth of their daughter, Emilia’s parents left the bustling, busy London and moved to Berkshire – a small county in the south of England. Her mother was in business. My father worked as a sound engineer in a provincial theater.

Even in early childhood, the theatrical world bewitched a child. Her three-year-old daughter, in the future a charming “Khaleesi”, was brought to work by her mother. Here the dream of becoming an actress was born, which later came true.

The girl began her theatrical education in Oxford. At St. Edward’s School, Emilia Clarke studied the basics of acting for five years. The first roles were played here.

Interestingly, as a child, Emilia Clarke had to endure grins from peers about funny eyebrows. But her mother advised her not to pay attention to this and leave her eyebrows growing as they are. Now the actress is grateful to her advisor, because eyebrows are one of the expressive features of her attractive appearance.

The first steps of an acting career.

After graduating from Oxford School, she decided to return to the capital city again. At 23 she graduated from the London Drama Center. While studying, she successfully played roles in several performances.

The first notable debut, which was noted by both teachers and theater experts, took place in 2007. Emilia Clarke appeared on the London stage as Anna Pavlovna based on Chekhov’s play. In the same year, she successfully played in the play by Bernard Shaw. After that, Emilia Clarke became one of the notable actresses of the capital’s drama center. Many leading directors have offered Emilia Clarke roles in their work.

Over the next two years, she played in eight performances. Three of them were directed by Russian directors Oleg Miroshnikov and Vladimir Mirodan. Russian directors significantly influenced the development of the rising star’s acting talent.

The very first filming took place in 2009. She agreed to star in the popular English television series Doctors. In 2010, Emilia Clarke made her debut in Attack from the Triassic, in which a young heroine fights against living dinosaurs. Thus began her successful film career.

The role of the mother of dragons, Khaleesi, is at its peak.

Emilia Clarke became truly famous after the release of the first two episodes of the film “Game of Thrones”. Critics and filmmakers admired her acting skills and often nominated the actress for various awards.

The role of Khaleesi was supposed to be played by another actress Tamzin Merchant, but almost before the very beginning of filming, she refused. Emilia Clarke, on the other hand, was actively involved in the work. This is one of her favorite roles, as well as the audience. The actress was offered to continue acting in the second and third seasons. She, of course, agreed.

Actress Emilia Clarke is not quite like the character of Khaleesi. She transforms into the mother of dragons by wearing a wig with long, silvery hair. Therefore, when they meet on the streets of their hometown, passers-by do not recognize in the dark-haired Emilia their beloved Daenerys Targaryen.

Emilia Clarke’s success is evidenced by her presence in the list of ninety-nine most desirable women on the Internet portal “Poll of Men”. The actress who played Khaleesi is now being invited by the largest producers in Hollywood. Emilia Clarke starred in the movie “House of Hemingway” (played the daughter of a thief) and many other famous films.

Emilia Clarke – movies list.

YearProduction name
2010Triassic Attack
2011—2016Game of Thrones
2012Spike Island
2013Dom Hemingway
2014Game of Thrones: A Telltale Games Series
2015Terminator Genisys
2015Voice from the Stone
2016Me Before You

Other biography facts

The actress sings and plays music well, plays the flute, guitar and piano. She holds a diploma as a professional jazz, blues and cabaret singer. She loves architecture and graphic design. Emilia Clarke has been reading a lot since childhood. Even then, her father advised her not to trust people who have a bookcase smaller than a TV.

For about six months, the actress met with Seth MacFarlane. He is a popular director and animator in Hollywood. Their romance developed very quickly and also ended. According to the press, the reason was the passion for the actor Keith Harrington.

He co-starred with Emilia Clarke in Game of Thrones. Emilia herself said that she had sworn to date such celebrities as Seth MacFarlane, that it was better to meet an ordinary person with whom you have common interests. This turned out to be American actor Corey Michael Smith. According to the celebrity, she is in love with him.

Two years ago, Emilia Clarke suffered an intracranial aneurysm. This happened after another performance in a musical on Broadway. The young actress was treated at a New York hospital.

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