Benedict Cumberbatch

(9 July 1976 -…) (Benedict Cumberbatch) English actor.

The birthplace of British actor Benedict Timothy Carlton Cumberbatch is the capital of the United Kingdom – London. Since childhood, he was interested in performing arts, which is not surprising, because the boy’s parents were popular television actors.

The family tree of the Cumberbatch family is striking. So, according to the information available at the moment, Benedict is a relative of Richard 3 in the sixteenth generation.

Benedict Cumberbatch made his debut appearance when he was only thirteen years old. At that time, a very important holiday was taking place at the school, in honor of which the school leadership decided to organize a theatrical performance. Since there were practically no people willing to participate in school amateur activities, teachers began to assign to the role those who lagged behind in the subject of English literature. Our Benedict Cumberbatch was one of them. Initially, he did not want and was even afraid to go on stage, but then, when his parents gave him a couple of good and valuable advice, this fear disappeared. Later, during rehearsals and performances, the novice actor always managed to amaze everyone with his non-childish acting.

Cumberbatch decided to continue studying theatrical art at the University of Manchester, where he continued his studies for the next four years. The actor’s student life was full of entertainment, but at the same time he did not forget about his studies. To improve his acting skills, Benedict Cumberbatch enters the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts.

Film career

His professional career began in 2001 when he began performing on the stages of famous theaters. He was awarded the Laurence Olivier Prize by the London community for his unique and exciting performance in the theatrical production of Gedde Kubler.

The first film in which Benedict Cumberbatch appeared was Heartbeat. An insignificant, as it seemed, episodic role helped the aspiring actor to establish himself as a talented and sophisticated performer.

In the early years of his acting career, Benedict Cumberbatch also starred in the films Silent Witness, Golden Field, Velvet Legs.

His roles in these projects were minor. Basically, he appeared in the frame for only a few minutes, spoke his little line, only a few lines long, and left. But even such a small amount of screen time helped him get noticed.

Soon Benedict Cumberbatch auditioned for the comedy film “More than Forty”, the actor and inspirer of which was the popular actor Hugh Lorrie. Despite the fact that a lot of money was invested in this project, it, nevertheless, did not justify itself. But working with such famous actors helped Cumberbatch not only become better known, but also gain experience from his colleagues.

Realizing the fact that the comedy genre was still not very suitable for him, he began auditioning for more serious projects, which became an important part of Benedict Cumberbatch’s filmography. So, for example, in 2004 he was chosen for the role of Stephen Hawking, a famous physicist. This autobiographical film was a major step in his career. The insight and naturalness of the acting has helped him earn several worthy awards.

The filmography of Benedict Cumberbatch includes the adventure series “Journey to the End of the Earth”, in which he also plays one of the main roles.

The success of this series meant a successful career for its actors. That is why in 2005 Benedict Cumberbatch becomes a real star of British television. From that moment on, absolutely every of his work became the subject of attention not only of ordinary people, but also of real critics. Never before has an actor been surrounded by such attention. He received many ratings, and real reviews were written on the topic of his acting.

But the real breakthrough in the biography of Benedict Cumberbatch was the series “Sherlock Holmes”, broadcast on the BBC.

Perhaps the actor would never have been able to become famous all over the world if the “Hollywood stars” had also been casting for the project. But the main producer and screenwriter of the series decided to take on the role only of “domestic talents”, which served as a lucky ticket for Benedict. He, not even hoping for any success, sent his video resume and immediately passed.

Cumberbatch had some serious pre-production preparation. She devoted several hours every day to yoga and swimming in order to create the image of a “thin and bony” boy. He also had to take violin lessons.

The first episode of “Sherlock” was released on television in 2011 and literally immediately blew up all the charts. The series has become very popular not only in the United Kingdom, but also in other countries. This kind of excitement meant a rise in Benedict Cumberbatch’s career as an actor. Due to the fact that the frequency of the release of new episodes of “Sherlock” is quite high, at the moment he can combine filming in the series with other projects.

Just as good is the character of Benedict Cumberbatch in the fantasy saga “Star Trek: Retribution”, released in 2013.

A complete list of Benedict Cumberbatch films is presented below.

YearProduction name
2002Fields of Gold
2002Tipping the Velvet
2002Silent Witnes
2002Hills Like White Elephants
2003To Kill a King
2003Cambridge Spies
2005Nathan Barley
2005To the Ends of the Earth
2006Starter for 10
2006Amazing Grace
2007Stuart: A Life Backwards
2008The Last Enemy
2008The Other Boleyn Girl
2008Marple: Murder Is Easy
2009Small Island
2010Four Lions
2010The Whistleblower
2010Van Gogh: Painted with Words
2010Third Star
2010Burlesque Fairytales
2011Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy
2011War Horse
2012Parade’s End
2012Electric Cinema: How to Behave
2012The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey
2012Girlfriend in a Coma
2013Star Trek Into Darkness
201312 Years a Slave
2013August: Osage County
2013The Fifth Estate
2013Little Favour
2013The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug
2014LEGO The Hobbit: The Video Game
2014The Imitation Game
2014Penguins of Madagascar
2014The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies
2015Black Mass
2016Zoolander 2
2016The Hollow Crown
2016Doctor Strange
2017Jungle Book: Origins

Personal life.

Benedict Cumberbatch’s personal life is as dynamic as his acting career. He met his first lover during his student years. Their relationship lasted for twelve years, which is so far the actor’s longest romance.

After that, he did not have any serious relationship. Many even started talking about the actor’s gay orientation. But all these rumors were denied by the news published in one of the magazines about the novel by Benedict Cumberbatch and Sophie Hunter.

Their acquaintance took place already in 2009, but the couple began to meet only in 2014. Then they announced their engagement. A few months after the wedding, the newlyweds had their first child.

Below are some photos of Benedict Cumberbatch and his current wife.

At the moment, he enjoys quite a lot of popularity among viewers of all ages. Many screenwriters and directors want to get this actor, and this is hardly the limit …

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