Ariana Grande

(1993) American film actress, model, composer, and singer

Ariana Grande’s musical compositions are as popular as her roles in films and TV shows, so the young star can be considered both a successful singer and a talented film actress. Despite her rather young age, the girl has already managed to try herself in the role of a photo model and a voice actor for cartoons, and not so long ago a new fragrance under the Ariana Grande brand appeared on sale.

Where and when was Ariana Grande born, and how did she manage to achieve such success and become the idol of thousands of teenagers from all over the world?


The future celebrity was born in 1993. At the time of her birth, the girl’s parents and older brother lived in the small town of Boca Raton, located in eastern Florida. Very often the question arises about the nationality of Ariana Grande. It is known that both mother and father have Italian roots. Perhaps the star owes its origin to its bright appearance and explosive temperament.

From childhood, parents were engaged in the development of the creative abilities of Ariana Grande and her brother Frankie. At the age of 4, the future actress began attending classes for children’s musical theater. It was here that she first appeared on stage and showed her vocal abilities. It is unlikely that participation in musicals can be called the beginning of the creative biography of Ariana Grande, but the children’s theater helped the future star to open up and gain her first experience.

Career start

Her debut on television took place at the age of 8 – Ariana Grande sang the national anthem of her country. For some time, she performed to the accompaniment of a symphony orchestra. Parents decide to send their daughter to study with one of the most famous vocal teachers in Hollywood. He helped put the voice right and provided Ariana Grande’s stellar biography.

For the first time, Ariana Grande appeared on the big stage during the musical performance “Annie”. After the first successful performance, the girl received several more offers to participate in musicals. Already at the age of 15, she made her Broadway debut and received her first prestigious award.

As a singer, Ariana Grande became famous at the age of 19, when her first disc was released. Compositions from it hit the leading charts of the country, providing the girl with a rapidly growing popularity. To date, she has already released three albums, and each of them has been eagerly awaited by fans from all over the world. The singer has successfully toured the United States and other countries, and one of the tours in support of her album lasted more than ten months, since due to the great success of the show, the organizers were forced to add more than forty performances to the schedule.

Due to her popularity, including on social networks, in 2015, according to the Huffington Post, the girl was recognized as one of the most influential performers in the world.

Best Movies

After a successful debut on stage, the girl receives an offer to take part in the filming of a television series. For the first time on the big screen, a young celebrity appears in the youth film “Victorious”. Due to the popularity of the series, it was decided to shoot a second season. In the second part, Ariana Grande not only starred in the film, but also wrote all the soundtracks for it. After the release of the tape, all of them were collected into one disc, which instantly sold out among the celebrity fans.

In less than six years, Ariana Grande managed to replenish her filmography with eight works.


Victorious2010  Cat Valentine
ICarly2011Cat Valentine  
Winx Club2011Princess Diaspro  
Sam and Cat2013Cat Valentine  
Scream Queens2015Sonia Gerfmann (Chanel # 2)  
One Love Manchester2017Special
Keeping Up with the Kardashians2019Herself
Mariah Carey’s Magical Christmas Special2020Herself

Despite the incoming offers to participate in the filming, the girl considers music to be her main hobby. It is safe to say that the biography of Ariana Grande is on the rise. She continues to take part in musicals, writes songs, and tickets for performances are sold out by fans in a matter of days.

Today, the girl can be considered a real celebrity: thousands of fans from different countries around the world are awaiting the release of her new album and the appearance of films with her participation, and in early 2015, the first perfume of Ariana Grande was released.

Personal life of a star

Fans of the young actress and singer are actively discussing the personal life of their idol. In the life of a young celebrity, there have already been several short novels. Ariana Grande’s chosen ones were her colleagues.

The first romantic relationship began at the end of 2014. During the filming of her video, Ariana Grande meets the rap performer Big Sean, and from that moment on, the artist’s personal life is discussed no less actively than her work. Six months later, a new companion appeared in the girl’s life – this time she opted for the dancer Ricky Alvarez. And again, the romance lasted only a few months.

Who is Ariana Grande dating today? The singer does not hide her relationship with the rapper Mac Miller. Moreover, a few months ago, sources close to the young people reported that Ariana Grande and her boyfriend intend to formalize their relationship.

The real shock for the fans was the news about the possible pregnancy of the star. Since Ariana Grande does not confirm or refute such rumors, there is a high probability that serious changes have indeed taken place in the singer’s personal life.

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