Adam Sandler

(September 9, 1966) is an American film actor, musician, screenwriter and producer.

Adam Sandler is one of the most popular comedic actors. Films with his participation more than once collected more than $ 100 million at the box office.


Adam Sandler was born into an ordinary American family. His mother taught in elementary school, and his father worked as an electrical engineer. Already in elementary school, the boy became the soul of the company. He always knew how to cheer both classmates and teachers. The first success was the victory in the competition of comedy scenes, in which Adam Sandler took part at the insistence of his brother. The future actor used his comedic talent more than once during his studies at the university. In his student years, he first began performing in comedy clubs.

Career start

Adam Sandler appeared on the screens in 1980 when he was 14 years old. He got his first cameo role in the popular TV series The Cosby Show. In 1989, the film “Caught overboard” was released. Despite the fact that Adam Sandler failed to fully reveal all his talents in it, after the release of the film, they began to perceive him not only as a comedian, but also as a professional film actor. The actor gained real popularity after moving to Los Angeles, where he was invited as a scriptwriter. In 1991, the comedian begins to actively perform in sketches, as well as perform songs.

Successful roles and filmography

In the mid-90s, Adam Sandler received several offers to star in comedy films. So, in 1994 the film “Airheads” appeared on the screens, later such comedies as “The Wedding Singer”, “Mixed Nuts”, “The Waterboy” appeared. Among the most successful works of this period, critics include the films “Happy Gilmore” and “Big Daddy”.

Adam Sandler has a lot of family films to his credit. These are “Bedtime Stories”, “Click”, “The Cobbler”.

Each of these films tells about the main life principle that his father taught the actor: in the first place should be family and relatives.

Almost all films with Adam Sadler are an attempt to analyze serious topics in a satirical manner.

In addition to the listed films from the filmography of Adam Sandler, the following films have also become very popular:

  • Dirty work (1998)
  • Animal (2001)
  • Mr. Deeds (2002)
  • 50 First Dates (2004)
  • Grown Ups 1, 2 (2010, 2013)
  • Jack and Jill (2011)
  • Blended (2014).

Despite the prevailing opinion that Adam Sandler is an exclusively comic actor, there are also dramatic films in the list of his works. These are the paintings “Knocking Love”, “Empty City” and “Anger Management”. The actor’s play in these films was highly appreciated by critics. In most comedy films, Adam Sandler not only plays the leading role, he also takes part in the writing and production of the project. Among them are the 2008 film Don’t Mess with the Zohan, the 2011 comedy film Pretend My Wife, the second part of Grown Ups (2013) and others.

In 2011, Adam Sandler’s personal star was opened on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Personal life

The acquaintance of Adam Sandler and his future wife happened on the set of the movie “Big Daddy”. After that, the actor and his chosen one Jackie Titone met more than once on the set. The marriage was officially registered five years after the first meeting. The ceremony took place on the ocean shore, and many famous colleagues came to congratulate the couple. Today Adam Sandler and his wife are raising two daughters.

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