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Variety’s Hollywood’s New Leaders [PHOTOS]

30 Oct 2012 | Categories: Appearance, Blondie Girl Prod., Event, Photos, Video | Posted by: Amy


As previously posted, Ashley and the Blondie Girl Productions team are being honoured for their work as creatives in Hollywood by Variety.In a pair of Sam Edelman ‘Renzo’ booties and fabulous slate grey embellished dress by Parker, Ashley, alongside business partner Jessica Rhoades, was on hand at Soho House in West Hollywood last night (October 29th) to celebrate their production company’s accomplishments with other honorees. [MT.net TIDBIT: Did you know Soho House is the same place Disney premiered Sharpay's Fabulous Adventure?]

Ashley shared a number of photos during the evening via her Twitter and tweeted:

Off to the soho house for Variety’s Hollywood’s New Leaders #stoked

Met judd apatow tonight! Love him, love his movies and love his wife :)  #awesome #funnyfamily

Chocolate chip cookie run and yes I’m in my pj’s. I got some cookies I got some cookies I got some cookies hey hey hey

002.jpg 004.jpg 005.jpg 006.jpg 007.jpg 008.jpg
Click on one of the pics for more. Get the Look!

006.jpg 007.jpg 008.jpg
Click on one of the pics for more. Get the Look!

UPDATE: Check out a video of Ashley being interviewed on the carpet!

[NOTE: Ashley's parts are at the :16 and 1:02 marks]

UPDATE: Earlier in the day Ashley and her adorable niece Mikayla were spotted picking up refreshments at a local Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf- look how big Mikayla’s getting!

002.jpg 005.jpg 006.jpg 007.jpg 008.jpg
Click on one of the pics for more. Get the Look!

PHOTO CREDIT(S): Getty WireImage, @JessicaRhoades, SplashNews


  1. October 30, 2012

    Ash has great taste, I too am a big fan of Judd’s work and his wife Leslie Mann! Congrats again to the BGP team- this is a really great honor for them to receive! It’s lovely to see how excited both she and Jessica are about it. In an industry full of a lot of jaded individuals, it’s nice that they are humbled by this achievement and so appreciative of the recognition it has. I’m incredibly proud to see what was once just a brief mention in interviews (as if some kind of afterthought by journalists that Ashley started a production company) paving a name for itself.

  2. Amy
    October 30, 2012

    Absolutely LOVE this look on Ashley – its an understated look but one which suits her perfectly! LOVE IT!

  3. Alex
    October 30, 2012

    She looks great, do you know who made her dress, it looks like a rebecca taylor one, but I am not sure.

    I am so proud of her and it is nice to see how far her production company has come, and how much success it continues to have.

    • October 30, 2012

      Just updated her fashion credits in the above post. She’s wearing a Parker dress. (It does look similar to Rebecca Taylor!)

  4. Samantha
    October 30, 2012

    Love the dress!

    • October 30, 2012

      Sam- Did you receive an email from me the other day? Sorry to ask here on the blog, just wasn’t sure if you got it or not!

  5. December 26, 2012

    [...] Coverage: Proceed Style [...]

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