‘Super Fun Night’ Cameo

By in Appearance, News, TV on January 29, 2013

Thanks to Ashley’s publicist for the confirmation, we can announce that Ashley has taped a small guest starring role in an episode of the upcoming ABC series Super Fun Night.The comedy drama was written by Rebel Wilson, whom also plays the leading role in the TV series, and its pilot first season is currently in production in Los Angeles. Ashley is rumored to be playing the role of Jazmine and was on set today shooting her part alongside Adam Devine. Ashley’s rep notes that at this time this show is simply in the pilot stage, as it has NOT yet been picked up to series.

The pair tweeted images from the set this morning as well as messages about their fun experiences:

Had so much fun working with rebelwilson and adamdevine today#veryfunnypeople

Having a musical movie reunion on Super Fun Night this morning with@ADAMDEVINE and @ashleytisdale x

Check back to as we’ll have all the information about the role as soon as its released!

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9 thoughts on “‘Super Fun Night’ Cameo

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    If she’s playing one of the lead roles, it is not a cameo

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  3. 2

    We’re just going off what her publicist said, which is that she filmed a small role in only the pilot so far. She didn’t have further comment on how big Ashley’s part is or could be, so we’re stating ‘cameo’ for now. If it does become or turn out to be a full fledged lead or supporting role with a series pick up, we’re happy to change our wording in the future to reflect that.

  4. 3

    So excited that she’s getting involved in so many projects in such a diverse range – it’ll be lovely when we get to see all of these projects come out!

  5. 4

    Audrey- your use of cameo is correct in the context. She is rumoured to be playing rebels younger sister who is engaged with a guy who is said to be a douche( which is probably who adam Devine is playing). From wllan early draft I read of the pilot the sister character is only present in the pilot to tell rebels character that she is engaged. If the show does get picked up her character could become abrecurring role since she is playing a sibling to the lead

  6. 5

    Thanks for the background on the pilot draft you read, Alex! From Ashley’s publicists’ email it dos not sound like this is a lead role by any means. That’s cool she is portraying Rebel’s sister, since as you mentioned that could lead to future recurring guest spots if picked up to series.

  7. 6

    If picked up, this will be a great thing for her. This gives her an opportunity to still do tv while still having the opportunity to do film and other projects. Plus, this will give her exposure.

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