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Jessica Rhoades (of Blondie Girl Prod.) Interview

By in Blondie Girl Prod., Exclusive, Interview on December 12, 2012 had a chance to send over some questions to Blondie Girl Productions very own Jessica Rhoades!

The self-proclaimed token brunette (and more officially, the company’s producing partner) took a moment to delve a little deeper into the behind-the-scenes happenings of Ashley’s production company- giving us the scoop on day to day undertakings and detailing just how involved and connected she is with Ashley regarding the business’ growing endeavors!

MT: When and how was Blondie Girl Productions formed?

JR: Over five years ago now, Ashley and I met and started talking about the type of television and movies we both enjoyed watching and creating. I loved her idea for Blondie Girl Productions and we dove in!

MT: Is there a company creed of sorts that embodies the vision and future direction of BGP?

JR: Defy expectations! Both as producers and women. We love finding characters who surprise you.

MT: How’s the (very pink!) office coming along?

JR: It’s almost done! Did you see the picture Ashley instagramed? [ NOTE: Check out the photo Jessica was referring to HERE!]

MT: Can you break down for us some of the behind-the-scenes happenings and duties for both you and Ashley as the principal and producing partner entities?

JR: We work together on most everything — I’m in the office and at networks/studios day-to-day, but Ashley and I are on the phone and texting/emailing everyday. When we go into production (like on the upcoming CLOUD 9), Ashley’s approving things with me and then I’m on set everyday and Ashley will definitely come at some point too.

MT: Ashley was quoted in the recent Variety stating that This isn’t a vanity production company. Has it at all been a challenge being a female duo in Hollywood?

JR: We certainly feel respected and held in the same regard as our male counterparts. Ashley’s quote was referring to the fact that some people think actors or actresses just have a production company to find projects for themselves. Ashley’s passionate about developing great projects whether she’s in them or not.

MT: How important is it to BGP that women’s voices be not only heard, but taken just as serious as their male counterparts?

JR: Again, I’m not sure it’s about being heard or taken seriously, because that’s happening with or without us. I think for our company it’s important to make unexpected decisions and capture multi-dimensional female characters in both our scripted and unscripted projects.

MT: Do you have a favorite project BGP has produced thus far?

JR: MISS ADVISED really summed up the brand. I like to call it our flagship show… it just shows these real women. They are smart and savvy and have each built their careers by being really good at what they do. They also like to be girly and have fun and flirt and want love…

MT: What’s on BGP’s plate at the moment?

JR: CLOUD 9 going in production for Disney Channel, IN BLOOM is our webseries in pre-production, lots of projects we love in development and then we’re casting for several different reality shows we can’t talk about yet.

MT: Is there anything you (and/or Ashley) want to say to your fans and followers?

JR: We hope they enjoy what we’re working on! At the end of the day, that’s always the goal.

MT: Where can people go to read more about BGP?

JR: We have to get better about updating the company twitter (@BlondieGirlProd), I promise we’ll get on it! ;)

Another special thanks again to Jessica for taking out a bit of time from her busy schedule to chat with us! We can’t WAIT to see what the company has in store come 2013!

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    Some interesting questions and answers there…

    Nice job!

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    Thanks Tisdalean!

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