5th Annual Shorty Awards

By in Awards on January 7, 2013

It’s that time of year again – the 5th Annual Shorty Awards which “honor the best of social media” are now underway! The awards give you the chance to nominate the people and organizations who use Twitter and other social networking sites particularly well. Last year we didn’t get Ashley to the top, but we’re hoping this year will be different!

Although Ashley is eligible to enter a lot of categories (Celebrity, Actress, Singer, Charity and Fashion to name just a few), we’ve decided here on to focus on two categories this year – Celebrity and ‘Actress’. We hope that focusing Ashley’s fans efforts on two categories will mean that she gets more votes in those areas, rather than votes spread out over lots of categories meaning she doesn’t get to the top of the charts.

Nominating Ashley is easy and will only take a few seconds! Simply tweet one or both of the following phrases, adding the reason for your nomination [ NOTE: You must have a reason for your nomination or it won’t count. According to the rules, you can only vote for Ashley in each category once.]

I nominate @AshleyTisdale for a Shorty Award in #celebrity because… [add reason here]

I nominate @AshleyTisdale for a Shorty Award in #actress because… [add reason here]

Nominations can be tweeted until February 10th and the awards ceremony will be held at the TimesCenter in New York City on April 8th. So let’s all join together, vote for Ashley and get her to the top!

Vote for @AshleyTisdale now!

4 thoughts on “5th Annual Shorty Awards

  1. 1

    Cool. Hopefully we’ll get Ashley to the top or at least somewhere high !

  2. 2

    Done! Hope she gets to the top!

  3. 3

    She really is cool! She’ll get to the top if we help :)

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