2012: Tiz The Season

By in Announcement, News on December 31, 2012

Its been a huge year for Ashley and her fans.

We started the year with a huge announcement – Ashley got the leading role in Scary Movie 5 and shot the film this summer in Atlanta. We missed her for the two months she was away, but it’ll all be worth it when we see her on the big screen. In between all that, she managed to find the time to also fit in more than twenty appearances at events ranging from the Oscars to her friends’ projects being premiered, charity events to some good old fashioned holiday parties! She also continued with her role as Candace in Phineas and Ferb, hit an epic 8 million followers on Twitter, 11 million fans on Facebook (and counting…) and she’s very close to hitting 1 million Instagram followers. She also guest appeared in FOX’s Raising Hope did a story arc on FX’s Sons of Anarchy and filmed a pilot for CBS (titled Before We Made It). It’s been a busy twelve months!

Not only that but Blondie Girl Productions has gone from strength to strength. We started the year with the news that the company’s first series Miss Advised had been picked up by Bravo. After a premiere party in Los Angeles [ NOTE: Check out the media from the event which we got to attend HERE], the series aired this summer and was followed by more project announcements including a digital series, a DCOM and a new pilot, plus more projects in development. The Tiz covered the development of the Blondie Girl Productions offices and even let fans pick their logo!

In October, the company was announced by Variety as a leading up-and-coming creative in the industry and during December we had the opportunity to interview Jessica Rhoades, the self-proclaimed ‘token brunette’, all about the fabulous production company – check out the full interview HERE. Finally, to round up the year, the company held their first ever holiday party filled with celebrity friends and a special festive tree!

It’s been a big year on too. We’ve attended the premiere of Miss Advised in Los Angeles, plus interviewed Ashley’s Scary Movie 5 co-star Erica Ash and Blondie Girl ProductionsJessica Rhoades. We’ve run several giveaways of Ashley merchandise for her fans including copies of magazines and items of clothing. In June we introduced our most fabulous layout yet and in July, to celebrate her birthday, we raised $250.00 for charity in our 2012 Birthday Project accompanying annual video – we even had a personal shout-out from Ashley herself to the MT team and all of her fans! We also raised $185.00 for St.Jude Children’s Research Hospital as a holiday gift to Ashley. We even got our original domain back -YAY!

We’re sure that 2013 will be huge for Ashley, Blondie Girl Productions and of course her friends, family and fans – and we’re hoping it will be the same for too!

Happy New Year!

The Team

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    Wow 2012 has definitely been a busy year for Ash!
    I want to say a big thank you to for keeping us fans regularly updated on whatever is going on in Ashley’s life! You host the best giveaways and always do an amazing job with charity projects and of course Ashley’s annual birthday project, not to forget the interviews. And that’s how you keep the fans connected! It’s been a great year for the site!
    I hope 2013 will also be a big year for our favorite Ashley and I wish you guys from a very happy and successful year to come, nothing but the best for the best fan site! And of course happy new year to all the fans (:

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    Thanks for the love Mario! Its been a fantastic year for Ashley and we couldn’t do it without fans like you guys so thank you! AND Happy New Year :)

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    Thank YOU, Mario for the kind words and support! xx

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    i love you so much ashley

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    hi ashely
    this is alyanna

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